Anti Termite Pest Control Service in Bangalore

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Anti Termite Treatment in Bangalore

To keep harmful pests out of your home or commercial property, Suraksha offers highly efficient and healthy Anti-termite pest control services in Bangalore. Anti-termite treatment is a chemical process that is applied to masonry, soil, wood, and electrical fixtures before and after construction to provide a chemical barrier against subterranean termites. Since a single subterranean termite colony can live for several years and grow a population of millions of individuals, monitoring is critical because the damage they do is enormous. There are approximately 2761 species of termites in the world, with 350 species infesting wood in India.

Service Details

  • Holes are drilled at a 45-degree angle from the inside of your building at the intersection of the wall and the floor.
  • The holes are spaced about 2 to 4 feet apart along the entire length of the wall.
  • After that, the insecticide is poured into the holes to soak the masonry.
  • 12 mm (1 / 2″ approx.) diameter holes are drilled in

Service Warranty

A One Year warranty is also provided to the customers, which protects your home or commercial property from Anti Termite.

Types of Equipment Used

  • Eco-friendly Pesticides
  • Sprays
  • Drillers
  • Mask
  • Chemical Resistant Gloves

Things to Remember

  • Customers are not approved to use our exterminators’ pesticide cans or sprays.
  • Customers must completely dry the infected area.
  • You should stop accessing the treated areas and spots right after they’ve been treated.
  • Aftercare, make sure there is enough space between the furniture and the walls.