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Suraksha home service is dedicated to bed bug extermination and control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Achieving high success rates of complete bed bug eradication with human and eco-friendly treatments, our company is always striving to deliver safe, quality and cost-efficient services. We provide affordable and bespoke bed bug pest control solutions for residential properties and integrated bed bug management schemes for businesses in the hospitality and tourism. Having completely eliminated thousands of infestations across Bangalore, we are constantly assessing and reviewing the results, trying to improve the quality of our service. We are professionally insured, covering all the latest pest control standards in the industry and the related legislation.


Bed bugs are often associated with traveling to warmer climates and then transferring them back to the india. Due to central heating and close human habitation the bugs thrive here.

Approximately 200 eggs can be laid in hidden areas, usually around beds. These develop into nymphs; they increase in size via 5 separate moults following each blood feed.

Bedbug control treatments will not be successful unless the technician understands the biology and behaviour of this insect. Time, thoroughness, knowledge, the correct product and application and help from the client is essential to control this hardy pest.

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